Why Organize?

A home’s energy, decor, and organization can either be a destructive influence on you or it can bring bliss into your mind, body, and life.

Simply by filling your spaces with things you love, clearing your clutter, and living a harmonizing life that feels right to you, you can automatically start to feel more vibrant inside and out.

And after years of battling anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, I started to research habits and tips of the happiest, most productive people and homes.

The major points I discovered were:

  1. Your home’s energy matters. In Feng Shui, it’s called Qi (‘chee’). A vibrant and feel-good home will positively impact the moods of the people living there.
  2. Organization and decluttering of all parts of your life will yield peace and productivity.
  3. Happiness directly correlates with how well you build and care for your environment (cleaning and upkeep, good company, and trashing the junk).

Essentially, what habits support the positive effects of keeping and maintaining a healthy and happy home? And how does that yield a happy life?

Come learn with me as I discover the answers to these questions. I will also will share tips and tricks on how I keep my home and life clutter-free (and more peaceful). New posts every Monday.

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