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So why should you care about organizing systems, decluttering, home decor projects, and managing to-dos?

Organizing can help you revitalize your mind, body, and soul!

Why I started: After years of being unproductive and feeling a sense of stress, I started to search for solutions on how I could improve the well-being of myself, my spaces, and my life.

I realized quickly that my life had a lot of clutter, i.e. things or people that were implicitly taking away from my happiness and optimal self. I felt depressed, unworthy, and couldn’t quite grasp the reason for these negative feelings.


Thus, I began my decluttering journey, where I set out on a path to clear the junk and stress out of my life. I started to develop healthier habits, including morning routines, using planners and to-do lists, and most importantly, keeping my home energized and productive.

I realized quickly that there were a lot of things I was insisting on keeping in my life that neither served any purpose nor appealed to my higher and greater good. This included everything from expired spice jars, old birthday cards from friends that weren’t even my friends any longer, toxic people, and a lot of physical junk I was storing in my home because I always told myself that, “well, one day, I might need this!” In fact, I finally started to understand that…

Holding onto clutter in your life, whether this be emotional or physical things in your home, can really set you back from becoming the best version of yourself possible.

After having this self-realization, I started to take control of my life. Organization gave me an outlet to not only express myself creatively by showing others how to make their homes more beautiful and manage their lives more efficiently, but it also gave me a sense of joy and accomplishment. Step by step, I cleared the physical trash from my home, rejoiced true friendships with beautiful people, optimized my spaces, and began to feel a sense of ease and peace in every category of my life. Now, I want to share my methods with you and emphasize on how having a more organized life can help you overcome feelings of depression, procrastination, and unworthiness.

Check in with me every Monday and Friday where I will post new tips and tricks on how to help you get organized, ranging from new pantry solutions, bathroom cleaning methods, creating easy-to-follow schedules, home decor, and most importantly, staying on track with goals and feeling a sense of accomplishment every single day!

This Can be Your Guide to Creating a Simpler, Happier, and More Organized Life.


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