I host monthly giveaways all pertaining to home decor or organizing.

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  2. Send me a comment using the forum below describing one area of your home that needs a makeover and why! Include photos if you can!
  3. The winner’s post will be displayed at the end of the month and be sent the giveaway.

November’s giveaway: A 25$ TJ Maxx eGift-card


  • Buy organizing helpers on a budget (including bins, baskets, and stationary)!
  • Beautify your spaces with savvy home decor (including holiday pieces, faux plants, photography, frames, and art)!


October’s Designer Planner Winner: Nkateko


Her Comment: An area of my home (rented apartment) that needs a makeover is my study area. As a student most of my time is spent in my study area and it would really help if this area was more inviting and relaxing. I have always wanted to add decorative pieces and just bring in various elements to my study table and just make it lively but I do not have the money to splurge.