Additional Publications

When I’m not interior designing, organizing, following minimalism and green living standards, I also enjoy writing about:

Life Lessons

  1. 7 Signs You’ve Been a Shitty Friend (And Maybe Didn’t Even Realize it)
  2. 6 Powerful Ways to Conquer a Personal Crisis (And Stop Being Depressed)

Kindness Spreaders

  1. How to Kill the World with Kindness
  2. 101 Ways you can Finally Stop Being a D*ck
  3. Elephant Journal Version: 38 Ways you can Finally Stop Being a D*ck

Inspiring Mood Boosters

  1. Having a Bad Week? Here’s 5 Tricks to Turn it Around
  2. 7 Ways to Stop Hating Mondays
  3. Top 10 Inspiring Quotes From History’s Most Influential People
  4. Why You Should Make a Vision Board
  5. 3 Reasons Why You Should Never Give up On Yourself

Holistic Living

  1. 3 Holistic Methods To Prevent Winter Colds


  1. What to do When You Realize You’re in the Wrong Career (And Small Steps You Can Take Today to Change it)
  2. How to Become an Entrepreneur in 10 Easy(ish) Steps

Mental Health

  1. Defeat Your Anxiety Monsters with 5 (Seriously!) Easy Tips