5 Easy Organization Tips From an Expert

Organization doesn’t have to overwhelm you, but can easily rejuvenate your spaces, mind, and life. Just by tackling a few to-dos weekly or one drawer and cabinet during the weekend, you’re already off to a great start. Read below for 5 super easy tips on getting more organized today:

1. Start with just one cabinet or drawer in your home that you use the most. Tackle that first through this order:

  1. Clear the trash.
  2. Create a donation bin and “to keep” bin and separate items accordingly.
  3. Donate the items you don’t need.


2. Create a to-do reminder system.

  1. Use your reminders and notes IPhone apps! Or find other apps that can help you stay organized like digital to-do lists, online calendars or planners.
  2. Go old-school! Use calendar whiteboards or chalkboards to keep important reminders or appointments in sight.


3. Plan storage in even the smallest spaces.

  1. Use drawer organizers like the one shown above, opt in for bamboo because it’s better for the planet.
  2. Buy natural-weaved baskets, wooden desk organizers, or glass canisters for attractive organization.
  3. Maximize your spaces! Use over the cabinet or over the door organizers.

4. Be patient with yourself.

  1. Organization can’t happen overnight! Give yourself time to go through your spaces slowly and declutter one space or drawer at at time. It took me years to become the organization expert that I am now and to have a 100% decluttered home. 
  2. Keep in mind: being overly optimistic about how well or how fast you can finish a project may lead to disappointment and an inability to finish it. Be kind to yourself and realistic about which organization projects you can complete and in what type of time-frame.
    1. Example: I can clear out the junk in one closet this Sunday (versus tackling all closets upstairs). Go slow!


5. Place things where they belong, not where you can fit them.

  1. Group items by type.
    1. Toys can go in one bin.
    2. Office supplies in another.
  2. Having homes for items allows them to stay in place and become easier to access when needed.
  3. Stop just pushing items into drawers for a “fast clean up!” This will create additional stress and take up more time later when you actually need to search for that item.


So what part of your life or home could use more organization? What can you do this week to become more productive and what does that look like for you? This may include just taking 15 minutes to create a list of your to-dos or tackling one kitchen drawer full of clutter. Good luck!



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