Having a Bad Week? Here’s 5 Tricks to Turn it Around

Last week I had a pretty terrible time with myself, my life, my decisions, and my health. Not only did I have the flu, I got into a bad fight with my significant other, kept double guessing my decisions so far about life and felt pure anxiety about what my future had in store for me. As many of you know, I’ve also been working with a personal trainer, which this month went horribly. I missed practically a whole month of workouts, due to traveling and the flu.

I’m not sure if this is normal for everyone, but once in a while, I kind of have a nervous breakdown and feel like the world sucks.

I start feeling sorry for myself, looking at others around me who have it better in some way, shape, or form, like the girl with not even a bruise or mark on her body, while I’m 27 still suffering from acne.

Then, I started to question…

  1. When and if I’ll ever get married?
  2. Post-graduation, will I be able to find a good job that I love and feel passionate about?
  3. Will I be successful?
  4. Am I good enough?
  5. Will I ever lose these stubborn 10 lbs?
  6. Will my dad’s cancer go into remission?

Then, I cried for a while. I felt depressed and again, started treating myself like a victim. Aw, poor me, all my first-world problems. Reality is, we as humans are always focusing on our flaws and ditches that life brings us.

We rarely stay happy for more than 2 weeks straight, thinking everything has to be in place and perfect for us to be okay.

The more I get older, the more I realize that sometimes life is going to suck and that’s okay. I don’t have to be perfect, the world doesn’t have to be filled with rainbows everyday.

Having bad days here and there are what make the good ones even better.

As cliche as it sounds, there are people who can’t even eat 3 meals per day or afford a textbook to go to school. Some people have severe skin conditions, while other young children are diagnosed with cancer at age 15.

I realized that when I start to go down this shitty mojo phase, I needed a few quick ways to pick myself up. So here’s what helped:

1. Forgiveness.

I’m not perfect, I can start training again next month and I didn’t get the flu on purpose. I’m human, I mess up and that’s okay. We are all going to fail, embarrass ourselves, fall into ditches, and fear the unknown, but that’s the beauty of life. Things will fall into place as they are meant to be, at least I believe this!

2. Treating myself well.

I ate mac&cheese and lasagna this week plus a little chocolate cake. I watched Reese Witherspoon’s best romantic comedies. I let myself go a little and it was okay. Sometimes’s it’s okay to not want to eat kale and quinoa.

3. Nature.

I gardened and walked outside, listened to some holiday jams in the morning. Sometimes stepping out of your head for a bit and into the real world free of gizmos and gadgets can really help calm you.

4. Journaling.

I wrote down my fears and insecurities. I felt them. I let it out. It helped. Writing down your thoughts can help organize them and help see things more clearly. It can take the burden off your shoulders that a busy and depressed mind can place.

5. Taking it day by day.

Worrying about the life, the job, the “what ifs” won’t solve anything. Sometimes, stepping back and realizing you’re doing the best you can day by day is enough. You’re enough!


Overall, try to find some ways to self-love and self-sooth. Life can absolutely take your mojo from time to time, but do the best you can to pick yourself up again. Sometimes, it’s okay to not be an adult or a size 2 or have the best job or the most organized home. Some days you just can’t adult and those days are the ones where eating some ice cream or reading a good book out by a lake and skipping out on a couple to-dos can help.



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