4 Minimalist Holiday Decorating Tricks

Who doesn’t love holiday decorating, pine scents, and red plush cotton pillows?

However, for many years I struggled with designing my spaces tastefully without overloads of holiday clutter. Now, I’ve mastered a few clever techniques to increase holiday beauty while decreasing decor clutter:

{1} Use seasonal items that work well throughout the year.

  • An ivory throw will match all seasons instead of buying a bright red or gold glitter throw that will only look appropriate for holiday months.
  • Opt in for sofa decor pillow covers instead of pillows. Pillow covers take up less room and are easier to store instead of keeping a variety of pillows. This way, you can use the same pillow year around and just change the cover to match the season. For example, I use the same 16×26 pillow on my sofa all year as you’ll see in my photos, but the cover alternates.

Using seasonal items saves money because you’re not constantly having to worry about changing everything as the seasons change, since many items can overlap. This is essentially you getting the most bang for your buck and decreasing tubs full of stored holiday clutter.

{2} Use organic items.

  • Buy real holiday trees, fresh non-plastic wreaths, and plants so you don’t have to worry about storing them for the year. Or buy real flowers that match holiday colors like red roses.
  • Use displays of real fruits for center pieces like red apples, pomegranates or cranberries as vase fillers mixed in with real pine cones.
    • DIY tip: Find pine cones if you live near pine trees. Apply a thin coat of glue and then sprinkle on silver glitter. Bam! You’ve got a cute, cheap decor item.

Using organic items allows you to dispose of them once the season is over, adds interest to your space without having to worry about extra clutter.

{3} Donate old decor if you buy new.

  • Scan through your holiday decor and donate the items you no longer use or love.
  • Donate the items you dislike to make room for new items. Do not hold on to old items thinking one day you’ll use them if you haven’t already done so in years!

Donation always prevents clutter mountains from forming and helps give back to others less fortunate in your community. It’s a win-win.

{4} Candles

  • Candles add ambiance to your space, coziness, and soothing holiday scents.
  • Opt in for candles that are holiday themed and/or colored. If you do not have a fireplace, try WoodWick candles which crackle as they burn. It’s the most calming sound during colder months, because it really sounds like a real fireplace!

Candles are cozy ways to spruce up any space, especially if you use holiday colored or themed ones. For example, red or dark green colors, plaid prints, glitter, silver, gold, or ceramic ones. This adds a touch of holiday cheer to your space without going overboard on clutter (since candles can be disposed of once they’re finished)!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ll be adding more photos to the slideshow later on, so check back! But, I hope these tips helped. If you want more ideas or help designing your spaces for the holidays, feel free to comment below and I would love to brainstorm with you!

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