Warning! Your Blog Could Shut Down At Anytime

So, today I was researching WordPress and to my horrid disbelief, I found that if you do host your blog via WordPress.com, there are clear Terms of Service (TOS) that state this:

WordPress.com “may terminate your access to all or any part of the Website at any time, with or without cause, with or without notice, effective immediately.”

My first thought, was “WTF?”

So, pretty much ALL my work could be lost at any second without my consent even if I’m not violating any WordPress policies? Read their TOS for yourself here: http://en.wordpress.com/tos

You may be running a awesome sauce, squeaky-clean site… innocently blogging away, not coming close to a TOS violation, and then BAM! Your site disappears! Scary, right?

Now, I learned that self-hosting your website can save you from this. I am not a techie, so I found the most user-friendly platform possible: Site Ground. It only took me less than 5 minutes to sign up!

So, NO folks, you:

  • Do not have full authority of your blog if it isn’t self-hosted.
  • Do not have legal power if something does happen to your blog, because you’ve already agreed to WordPress’s TOS when you opened your account.
  • Do not want end up like other bloggers who lost ALL their work via WordPress!
  • Do not want to risk YOU losing ALL of your writing + images!

Please look into Site Ground today. If you click the affiliate link below, you’ll save 70%  as a Black Friday Deal.

Disclaimer: NO, I AM NOT promoting this to trick you into a scheme, but instead, encouraging you to sign up because I want to protect you.

  • I will get compensated just a little if you only use the link I provided below.
  • Please keep in mind: I did immense amounts of research before bringing this key notice to you, so please be blissful and support me! I would greatly appreciate it!
  • This is a valuable service I 100% believe in, use myself, and would not share if I didn’t feel it could also be a life-saver for my readers. See my login here:


Save 70% by clicking this code today!

Keep me posted if you have any concerns/questions, I am more than happy to help. 🙂

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