Decorating 101- Interior Design Basics

Do you feel like your spaces need a makeover? 

Good news: You don’t need a professional interior designer or loads of money.

Read below for tips on how to create a happier, healthier, and more classy home for cheap!

Category 1: Natural elements will always beautify your spaces.

  1. Add organic elements like fresh flowers, plants, or faux (good quality ones that look real) arrangements.
  2. Use natural material and weaved baskets to hide clutter (opt out of plastic).
  3. Place a mason jar or small vase with tulips on any of your counters or window sills.
  4. Place a ceramic bowl full of fresh fruits on your kitchen island/counter, not only is this functional, but it’s organic eatable decor.
  5. Add cotton textiles like blankets and cozy throw pillows wherever appropriate. Change the covers throughout the seasons to freshen up your spaces.
  6. Have an inviting entryway with flowers, plants, and some decor (don’t overdo it or it will look cluttered).


Category 2: Lighting can make or break ambiance.

  1. Invest in good quality designer lamps with linen or burlap shades.
  2. Use faux wax or real candles around the home, it adds ambiance. 
  3. Replace white lighting with yellow lighting whenever possible. White fluorescent  lighting gives an “office vibe,” not a “home vibe.”
  4. Layer lighting with multiple accent lighting (table lamps, floor lamps, decorative lamps) in one room.
  5. Keep windows open for natural lighting to enter and use good quality curtains.

Category 3: Colors & art can spruce up the boring.

  1. Keep wall color paint palettes cohesive or neutral. 
  2. Add sophisticated artwork housed in gallery frames for an elegant, clean look.
  3. Choose diverse pieces. Don’t just have all frames on walls, mix it up a bit with sculptures, wood pieces, and artwork.
  4. Match your colors well so that your furniture and accessories have a complementary, unified look.

Category 4: Measurements & space matter.

  1. Always opt in for area rugs because they bring an extra dimension to your spaces, like a 5×8 rug in your living room underneath the coffee table. Don’t forget to anchor them appropriately to the positioning of your sofa. Look below for quick rug size to room size ratio tips.
  2. Make sure your furniture is talking to each other and placed cohesively.

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Category 5: Organizing creates good energy.

  1. Purge your home of any ugly, unusable, or ‘no longer feels good’ items. This will bring you and your home peace and feel-good vibes.
  2. Use unique storage for functionality and looks, like glass canisters to hold your flour, sugar, or rice on your kitchen counters or cotton balls, make up and trinkets in the bathroom.
  3. Trays are a great functional organizer that serve decorative purposes as well, especially on dining room or coffee tables. They can hold essentials in one place and still look minimalist.

Category 6: Don’t forget!

  1. Alternate your shower curtains once in a while for a new, inviting look. Stick to colors that you love and are pleasing to the eye. Go for lighter colors in smaller spaces to give the illusion that the spaces are bigger.
  2. Add mirrors to open up spaces visually (which give the illusion of a bigger room).
  3. Keep your bed spruced up with a quilt, duvet cover, and Euros for a cozy feel.
  4. Cinderella outdated finishes.
  5. Mix up vintage and contemporary. Too much vintage can look too old and too much contemporary can look sterile. Mixing will = a more intriguing atmosphere.
  6. Disperse unique items from personal experiences, travels, or family traditions to personalize your spaces and increase conversation starters for when guests arrive.

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3 thoughts on “Decorating 101- Interior Design Basics

  1. Great post with so many helpful tips!! Our youngest son is in the house-hunting market and I will be sure to share some of these wonderful tips with him once he has chosen his new home!! Especially the furniture layout suggestions – great advise!!! Hugs to you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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