5 One-Minute Tips to Unclutter Your Mind

Living an uncluttered life is all about simplicity, happiness, and getting out of that “I’m lost and crap what do I do with myself today” feeling. And no, this post is not about meditation but instead, offers other savvy ways to give your mind a bit of extra mojo.

We are all busy in many facets of our lives, whether this be family, work, home, finances, or simply keeping our energy levels afloat everyday.

So starting today, take five minutes by utilizing the following tips for a less stressful and busy mind:

(1) Find your one special thing.

Do something amazing for yourself today, whether this be buying yourself some flowers, renting your favorite movie, ordering (or cooking) a delicious mouth-watering meal, spending time with animals, or just taking a nice stroll in nature.

You’ll instantly feel happier. 

(2) Make a brief list.

Do you ever feel like there are a billion things drifting away in your mind? You’re not alone! Many people combat anxious, stressful, and racing thoughts daily. So take a minute now and before you go to bed, start a list of things you’ve been putting off that would otherwise like to do if you just had more time, money, or availability. Believe it or not, even if you’re not a natural list-maker, physically writing out your to-dos is fool-proof way to get your mental chatter OUT (and onto paper), while bringing the clarity IN by developing a steadfast plan to get it done. Schedule times in the month where you can SPREAD out your to-dos today.

You’ll automatically feel productive knowing you’ve took some action towards those important things.

(3) Focus on authenticity. 

Be raw with yourself and ask yourself what is one area of your life that needs attention? This could be anything from health, finances, self-confidence, or home organization. Starting today, type the following on your computer literally (just try it, I promise it works) and print the document out:

  1. Which area needs the attention?
  2. Can you jot down 2-3 ways to start resolving it?
  3. Can you brainstorm even one solution on how you can bring balance to this part of your life?

You’ll feel lighter knowing your focusing positive energy on helping yourself improve.

(4) Favor communication.

We’re all human and do not possess the ability to telepathically guess what the other is thinking at every moment. Thus, if conflicts have arisen with friends, loved ones, or even coworkers, be mature about it. Be an ally, not an enemy by just approaching the other person with kindness and saying, “We may have a conflict, but I want to work on resolving it and partnering on a solution.” Keeping emotions or resentment bottled up in the mind just leads to more anxiety, stress, and depression.

Your ability to openly communicate will lead to solutions and healthy relationships.

(5) Lighten your budget load.

Do you feel like you just never have enough money? Sometimes we overlook where our budgets are being allocated foolishly, like spending 50$ on a gym membership you never go to. Find just one part of your budget that you could improve on and see if you can cut it off. Sneaky magazine subscriptions or app renewals count too! 5$ here and 10$ there add up quickly!


You’ll feel wiser knowing your money is being spent in more important and self-loving ways.


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