How to Pair this Site with Alexa

Most recently, I partnered with the amazing geniuses who created Tymbal Reader. Now, through their inventive idea, Alexa devices can read blogs to their subscribers in real-time.

Simple, easy, innovative, a multi-tasker’s dream, organized, and time-saving.

Now, you can listen to my blog or any blog that’s signed up with Tymbal while you’re showering, doing chores, or just being lazy.

Now, because of Tymbal, blogs can morph into podcasts instantly!

1 | Here are the steps:


2 | What is Tymbal?

3 | Are you a writer interested in using Tymbal for your blog?

E-mail Tymbal Reader today at

  • It’s a no-brainer and your subscribers can now listen to your blog.
  • C’mon, get on the 2017 tech grind.
  • Keep in mind, Tymbal is in beta so they are not accepting many users, but mention me here at Organizational-Bliss and they’ll get in touch with you.

Still want to learn more? Click here to be directed to Tymbal’s website.

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