7 Ways to Stop Hating Mondays

We can probably all agree that Mondays can be a bit boring, blah, annoying, and dreadful.

This is for obvious reasons, like simply recovering from the weekend, having to wait 4 more days until next Friday cycles, or exhaustion. Good news is that you can change your blah Mondays to more amazing ones starting today (with these 7 tips):

(1) Plan ahead.

Since when has rushing done anyone any good? Take the stress out of otherwise dull Mondays by planning ahead.

  • Pick out your outfit the night before.
  • Pack your lunch/meal-prep during the weekend.
  • Resist the temptation to SNOOZE! This just adds stress to your morning and day. It puts you behind unnecessarily.

Have a solid, feel-good, morning routine. Do things in the morning that make you feel unstoppable, amazing, happy, blissful, bad-ass, powerful, and strong. This could be a variety of things like a quick 10 minute dance session, yoga, a walk in nature, music, pancakes, whatever activity that makes your soul and mind light up.  

(2) Make a delicious breakfast.

Prep ahead on Sunday night a little, if you have to. Live it up. Make your favorite meal, like waffles or cinnamon-buttered toast. Cut a few fresh strawberries the night before and add some whip cream. Doing this will add a bit of a pizzazz to your otherwise boring Monday morning routines. It will also give you something to look forward as soon as you wake up, instead of focusing on the the fact that it’s Monday.


(3) Meditate a little.

I’ll be the first to admit, meditation is hard for me! But, don’t aim for perfection. Just try to schedule out even five minutes and sit still. Or, listen to your favorite and calming music in the morning and just relax for a few minutes, get your mind ready for the day ahead. You’ll feel calmer and more well rested instead of rushing yourself annoyingly.

(4) Look good.

Mondays can already be a drag and as lazy as you may be, try to put on something that makes you feel and look good physically. It will make the day a bit easier to get through and you’ll feel a little more confident and happier.

(5) Create mood-boosting playlists.

Create a Monday morning playlist with your best songs, the ones that make you want to shake that booty and get out of bed, pumped and SO ready for the day. You’ll put yourself in a fabulous mood and dance yourself out of bed instead of slouching out of it.

(6) Affirmations.

Affirmations really do work. Say something that you believe and can improve your mood. For example,

  • “I’m going to have an amazing day.”
  • “I am a strong, fabulous person.”
  • “Great things are going to happen to me today.”

Whatever essentially works for you and makes you feel good inside is the right affirmation for you!

(7) Plan awesomeness ahead.

I am a true believer that motivation can be increased if there is some reward or something to look forward throughout the week. Yes, you SHOULD and CAN reward yourself for NO special reason or occasion, but just for being you and because you feel like it. Treat yourself well. Don’t wait for the weekend! Examples:

  • Schedule in a movie, like on Tuesday nights where movie tickets at theaters are hugely discounted!
  • Get a manicure on Wednesday after work.
  • Try stopping by your favorite bakery this week and getting your sweet tooth on!
  • Schedule dinner with a close friend or family member.
  • Visit an animal shelter and play with some puppies and kittens, make a donation if you can!
  • Go to an awesome workout class.
  • Spend time outdoors.

This can give your mind something exciting to look forward to and you’ll feel happier knowing something amazing is coming up soon! Also, what activity makes you feel awesome will vary, so find what works for you!


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