The 30 Day ‘Clear Your Clutter Now’ Challenge!

If you’ve never felt the euphoria you feel after decluttering a space, you might want to challenge yourself this month to trash all the physical junk from your home.

  • You’ll feel happier, lighter, and freer after it’s done.
  • Your home will be clean and organized just in time for the holidays.
  • Your clutter may actually be needed items that other organizations or causes in your community could use, i.e old blankets or towels you can give to a local animal shelter.
  • It’s a win-win.

Step 1:

Start on 1st of any month and for 30 days, trash one item/type of clutter PER DAY. Have a hard time letting go of stuff? It’s okay, you’re not alone! Read this before you get started and you’ll feel more prepared to start this challenge.

Step 2:

check-mark-1292787__340I recommend printing this page and using it as a checklist. Give those decluttered items a nice, big fat, green check-mark!

Step 3:

As you declutter, create two bins:


Anything that can’t be used by another human, plant, or animal, is moldy, or smelly.


Anything that can help another human, plant or animal and is no longer of any use to you.

Step 4:

Follow the guidelines below on what to declutter by room type and date:

Week 1 | Kitchen & Dining

Since this tends to be the space in the home used the most, it makes sense to start here!

Day 1-3 (Wed-Fri)

  1. Broken appliances, old scorched pots and pans. You don’t need 15 pots and pans! 
  2. Excessive duplicates of an item, i.e. 5 scissors (maybe just keep 2) or 4 wine openers (keep 1-2).
  3. Expired foods & spices? -Trash! Or unopened food items you don’t use? -Donate!

Day 4-5 (Weekend)

  1. Old pens and stationary (keep 10 or less pens/pencils).
  2. Random sauce packets from fast food restaurants, trash em’!
  3. Shot glasses you no longer use but your friends bought for you during their travels.

Day 6-8 (Mon-Wed)

  1. Mismatching plates or dinnerware that you no longer use.
  2. Badly conditioned, broken (including lids) or stained plastic and glass Tupperware (buy glass whenever you can and replace-try to keep 1 matching set so it looks organized and cohesive). I use this set here. This set accommodates all sizes, are microwavable, oven, and dishwasher safe + leak proof. 🙂
  3. Old stained kitchen towels or linens. Refresh these!

Week 2 | Bathrooms

Day 8-10 (Wed-Fri)

  1. Old magazines you’ve already read/no longer need (if you just need a couple pages or excerpts (ex: recipes), just cut those down and file them in one folder.
  2. Expired cosmetics. Check out my guidelines for expired cosmetics here.
  3. Free lotion or perfume samples you don’t like/use- donate if unopened and unexpired!

Day 11-12 (Weekend)

  1. Old, stingy, worn out towels with strings coming out. Keep a few good quality towels, donate the rest!
  2. 1+ year old cleaning products or highly toxic ones like lysol or clorox-trash!
  3. Replace at least (or all if you can) 2 of your current cleaners with green ones or try my vinegar all-purpose cleaner recipe here.

Day 13-15 (Mon-Wed)

  1. Trimmers or razors that no longer work.
  2. Bathroom gadgets you no longer need, e.g. you don’t need 5 types of trimmers, donate a couple! Not using your WaterPik anymore? Donate it!
  3. Clear out old organizers and buy fresh drawer organizers or baskets to keep the spaces looking clean.
    1. My favorite: bamboo organizers here.
    2. My favorite: natural baskets here.
*You can find cheaper versions of organizer helpers at other local stores like T.J. Max or plastic organizers at the 1$ store too! Still great products! I just prefer natural products in my home whenever possible, so those are my recommendations!*

Week 3 | Bedrooms & Offices

Day 15-17 (Wed-Fri)

  1. Old, stained sheets and comforters.
  2. Books no longer useful to you. Find out how and when its time to let go of books here.
  3. Unusable or unneeded electronics and chargers.

Day 18-19 (Weekend)

  1. Old pens and stationary (keep 10 or less pens/pencils).
  2. Old paperwork-shred if needed and then recycle!
  3. Declutter and organize systematically your desktop screens, including virtual documents and folders. This will increase your home office efficiency dramatically!

Day 20-22 (Mon-Wed)

  1. Old birthday cards or memorable items that no longer align with you.
  2. Duplicate gadgets like 3 staplers, 2 hole punchers, keep 1 of each!
  3. Excessive desk decor, keep your desk a distraction free environment for an increase in productivity.

Week 4 | Living Spaces

Day 22-24 (Wed-Fri)

  1. Old board games/activity books no longer being used.
  2. Decor that doesn’t fit, make you feel good, or is clutter.
  3. Old throw pillows or blankets, refresh these if needed!

Day 25-26 (Weekend)

  1. Organize photo frames, declutter the ones that don’t enliven you!
  2. Unneeded DVDs or video games.
  3. Unneeded electronics or extra remotes (including unneeded cables and wires).

Day 27-29 (Mon-Wed)

  1. Dingy furniture that has rips, tears, or broken pieces.
  2. Extra knick-knacks that don’t serve a purpose/make you feel happy.
  3. Coffee table books you no longer use.

The 30th Day: Donation Day!

Now, you’ve got your box of clutter. Where should it go? Suggestions:

  1. Salvation Army (general household items)
  2. Consignment shops (gently used clothing or decor items for $)
  3. Underprivileged schools or students (stationary, unused school/office supplies)
  4. Hospitals (Children and adult books)
  5. Animal shelters (old blankets, towels, rags)
  6. Local community organizations (books, unexpired canned goods)
  7. Churches (food donations or clothing)
  8. Orphanages or adoption centers (games, clothing, coloring/activity books)
  9. Sell all items in tag sale and contribute monetary donation to organization online
  10. Electronics: old laptops, video games, and gaming consoles/DVD players can many times be sold at local consignment shops like “Trade It” and you can make some extra cash! Look online for trading programs too, like Apple laptops. I sold my non-working Mac laptop and made 200$!


I hope you’ll consider this challenge and start your decluttering journey, because clearing the trash from your life will rejuvenate your home and mind instantly!


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