3 Reasons Why You Should Never Give up On Yourself

If you can dream it, you can do it.

-Walt Disney

Whether you dream of becoming a published novelist, owning your own business, or simply getting into amazing physical shape, achieving your dreams can sometimes feel like a downward spiral into nothingness.

After leaving my pharmaceutical cubicle job, calling medical school admissions to withdraw my acceptance, and entering an atypical field of communications when I had always been culturally predisposed to be a doctor, engineer, or lawyer, was TOUGH! I thought to myself, what could my 5’3 petite self achieve when my own Indian society constantly shunned me for not being a physician?

I had to face a lot of uncertainty. Most importantly, I had to invest in myself whether this meant putting personal training sessions on credit so I could achieve a strong body or partnering with a life coach that lives in Australia. Regardless, I have no regrets and though there were times where I questioned whether my aspirations to be an entrepreneur, published writer, and author would ever come true, I still kept chugging a long.

In fact, I’m still plodding away through this journey because I want to be a bad-ass, self-loving, amazing boss of my own life.

For those wanting to achieve any sort of dream and feel like giving up, please don’t! Use these 3 tactics instead and change your mindset.

(1) Finding your optimal self is worth it.

Are you currently your optimal self? Well, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m currently out of shape and can barely run up a flight of stairs without losing my breath. I also used to watch a lot of TV and dreaded waking up in the morning to go to work. I realized one day, I had to take massive action towards changing myself and my energy levels. I wasn’t the optimal version of myself, SO…

  • I took a HUGE risk and quit my job with only $4,000 in my savings account (with no other job lined up) all while struggling with recent news of my dad’s cancer diagnosis. Still, I knew that my line of work wasn’t serving my greatest good and I just had to get out.
  • I cancelled my Netflix account and started to focus on my passions, like writing my first book, gardening, yoga, setting healthy routines where I woke up early, and painting.
  • I started to search for any activity that made me feel good inside and aligned with my optimal self.
  • I even started volunteering at animal shelters, doing random acts of kindness around my community, and having more faith in myself.
  • I asked myself, WHAT AM I PASSIONATE ABOUT? What would my ideal life and self look like?

All of these small, yet profound changes added to my success as a person. I am now working with a personal trainer 3 times a week, walking one mile/day and doing yoga twice a week. I’m focusing on creating a healthier mind, body, and soul. Doing this will boost your productivity, inner-light, and happiness.


(2) Help is always available. 

When I started to realize I was on the wrong path in my life, surrounded by the wrong friends, wrong job, wrong lifestyle, I was completely muddled on how to make changes. So, I invested my money in getting help.

  • I hired a professional resume writing service to help get all of my professional documents in check, including my cover letter, LinkedIn account, and references list.
  • I started working with my guru and life coach, Elyse from notesonbliss.
  • I was having a very difficult time getting into shape, so I reached out to a personal trainer in my community who is currently helping learn ways to gain muscle and become mentally strong.
  • I trashed every individual in my life who wasn’t inspiring me, i.e. I let go of my bad friends that weren’t supportive or loving and stayed in solitude for a long time to focus on my own dreams (instead of wasting time on social events drinking and making small talk).
  • I consistently go to therapy and take steps every day to heal my anxiety disorder.

Start looking at the aspects of your life that need improvement and be okay with getting help. Everyone has struggles or facets in their lives holding them back from success. I am not perfect, in fact most highly successful people aren’t. They just know the value of investing in themselves and getting help when needed. Asking for help never makes you look weak, in fact, it shows that you care about your life and are taking positive strides to live it to the fullest.

(3) Goal-setting & networking will open new doors you didn’t see before.

When I tell you it was HARD to get out of a medical world and into a writer’s world, boy was it! I had a degree in Neuroscience, a history of only medically-related experiences, and was stuck in a pharmaceutical realm. Any future job opportunities I had coming my way were only based in medical settings because that was ALL I had to show for myself! SO…

  • I started to network with professionals in the career that I wanted.
  • I set goals for myself on how I could become more aligned in the work that I wanted to do.
  • I was so grateful for my experiences and wisdom I learned from my previous job and used those valuable experiences to get ahead. In fact, while at my job, I knew I was going to take what I needed, grow as much as I can, use the resources I had available to me to gain knowledge and clarity, then move onto something more fitting for me.
  • I started to find academic programs that could transition me into a better suited candidate for my communication field aspirations. I was accepted into the Johns Hopkins MA in Communications program.
  • I used my professional resume writing service to help guide me on how my previous work experience could transition into my new field. They showed me all of my transferable skills and I was ecstatic to know that I could make this change!
  • I use a daily planner and set long-term + short-term goals. I keep track of my goals, manage my time and continuously network with other writers and successful professionals. 
  • I submitted my work to Thought Catalog and Huffington Post, both yielding rejections, but I am not giving up.
  • I continuously brainstorm ideas and projects every day that can help me achieve my dream life step by step.

I absolutely don’t have everything figured out and you don’t have to either! Take small steps every day to follow your dream ambitions. You are worthy and capable of living an authentic life, please don’t give up! If Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times in his inventing process with now 1,093 patents to his name, why should failure stop you from achieving greatness?

My aspirations are still in process, but I will never disengage my progress or momentum!


3 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why You Should Never Give up On Yourself

  1. This is for the third day that I am reading this post. You are so inspiring, what you are doing requires copious of courage and plentiful of determination . 5 ‘3 is not petite by Indian standars. You have made everyone proud by getting into John Hopkins.


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