101 Ways you can Finally Stop being a D*ck

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own struggles, priorities, and self-discovery journeys to find bliss, we forget that we share this world, planet, and community with nature, people, and other living species.

We overlook that finding happiness or love includes giving back to others every single day, even in the smallest ways possible. Especially in our digital era, where social media triumphs hand-written letters, terrorism spikes news broadcasting weekly, road rage spans daily commuters, and hatred blinds kindness, how can we make positive strides forward and stop being a**holes?

Though, we cannot change the world single-handedly, we can join enough hands together to make a stronger impact. And no, we don’t have to be powerful leaders, rich investors, or have 154 IQs to make changes, but by simply altering our mindsets, we can empower ourselves to add a bit more kindness in this world every single day. So, here it goes, a 101 list you can use to make the world better instantly, starting today:

  1. Do not engage in road rage. If someone does happen to show you their lovely middle finger, communicate the peace sign in return and just smile.
  2. Stop littering.
  3. Become more environmentally-friendly and recycle everything you can by reading product labels and searching for recycle symbols.
  4. If you have a tendency to buy more produce than needed and end up throwing some of it away (because you didn’t have time to cook it), either buy less or freeze your produce as soon as you get it. Prevent food wastage any way you can.
  5. Take smaller plates and servings at a buffet. So much food is trashed at buffets because people attempt to eat more than they can. Simply take smaller servings.
  6. Smile at strangers and say hello kindly.
  7. Thank the person that tears your movie ticket.
  8. Be firm, but courteous to telemarketers. Remember, they are just doing their job to pay their bills.
  9. Step over worms after a rainstorm, instead of stepping on them.
  10. If an insect happens to get into your house (excluding cockroaches and spiders), see if you can capture it in a glass and set it free outside. Remember, they have homes too and essentially have gotten lost and ended up in yours by mistake.
  11. Gather all unused stationary or office supplies and donate them to a nearby underprivileged school.
  12. Practice going meatless at least one day/week.
  13. Visit children’s hospitals with toys and comical party supplies. Even the 1$ store has a whole aisle full of children’s toys. 12$ could help 12 kids.
  14. Be more appreciative of your spouse/significant other every day. Cherish them.
  15. Donate 10$ to an organization with a mission that aligns with you today!
  16. Call your parents and ask them how their day was.
  17. Surprise your mother with a homemade version of her favorite meal.
  18. If your lucky enough to still have grandparents, visit them as much as you can. Bring them small gifts like warm socks or cozy blankets for winter.
  19. Conserve water any way you can.
  20. At least one thanksgiving in your life, spend it volunteering at a soup kitchen.
  21. Visit an orphanage and drop off a grocery bag full of cake baking supplies.
  22. Say a thankful affirmation every day you wake up, because tomorrow is never guaranteed.
  23. Take good care of any living things in your home, whether this be plants or pets. Water your plants, provide fresh nutritious food for your pets and love them.
  24. Treat your body better by opting out of alcohol and smoking.
  25. Say a prayer for a friend who is suffering.
  26. Unexpectedly bring your children their favorite books, toys, or food.
  27. Treat your spouse/significant other with one paid meal to their favorite restaurant.
  28. Spend time in nature because it calms and eases the mind and soul.
  29. Opt out of engaging in nasty politics.
  30. Choose kind words whenever you can.
  31. Place a 10$ bill underneath a car’s windshield wipers in a parking lot randomly. Imagine how happy that person will be when they find that bill!
  32. Volunteer and support no-kill animal shelters.
  33. Bring a friend who is going through a break up or separation a basket full of homemade cookies, soothing bath salts, and her/his favorite movie.
  34. Never forget to tell your close family members how much you love them.
  35. Always say thank you when someone does anything nice for you.
  36. Notice a homeless person at a traffic light asking for money? Some research shows that this can be a scheme for alcoholics or drug abusers to keep their addictions going, while others just use this method to make some extra cash on the side when they’re really not homeless. Solve this problem by giving them food donations instead. I once gave a homeless man a fresh mango, his eyes were full of joy. Not only does providing a small food donation allow you to give back to a less fortunate person in your community, you don’t have to worry about your funds being allocated in wrong ways.
  37. Tip your servers well, because many times their income is already below minimum wage (so they truly rely on tips to make a living).
  38. Cook organic and vegetarian meals for your family at least once/week.
  39. Pack a loving note in your child’s lunchbox.
  40. When you wake up, say to yourself, “Good morning sunshine, you are amazing.”
  41. Organize your spaces and free them of clutter.
  42. Donate your clutter to nearby salvation armies or organizations that have the need.
  43. Be sympathetic to those suffering from mental illnesses.
  44. Offer support to a stranger in need.
  45. Ask an elderly person if they need help carrying their groceries to their car.
  46. Give drivers plenty of time and space ahead of you when they need to switch lanes.
  47. Be a responsible driver. We all have places to go, have patience.
  48. Remember, “that helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person.” -Buddha
  49. Appreciate your parents for who they are, not what you want them to be. Remember, that your parents were once children and they are on a journey just like you, they’re not perfect, only human.
  50. Don’t buy plants if you don’t have the time, resources, or energy to take care of them. They are living things too. If you don’t have the time but still want plants in your home, opt in for faux plants instead.
  51. Give real compliments only when you truly believe them.
  52. Bring a coworker that sits near you their favorite morning beverage.
  53. Wave kindly to strangers in passing.
  54. Apologize for bumping into someone during mall rush hours.
  55. Take as many photos as you can with your family, especially those younger than you and cherish their growth.
  56. Sign up to volunteer for your most beloved animal, i.e. if you love elephants, try to visit an elephant sanctuary near you to see how you can help.
  57. Create organizations that could fulfill some type of need in your local community, i.e. an anti-bullying club, anti-littering team, or neighborhood watch groups.
  58. Offer to help tutor a student in a subject of your expertise at no cost.
  59. Believe in your dreams and take small steps every day to achieve them.
  60. Opt out of supporting unhealthy fast-food chains and cook at home as many times as you can.
  61. Advocate anti-bullying causes at all times and provide support to a victim of bullying.
  62. Be a supportive beam in your family when they’re going through a crisis.
  63. Offer to be a shoulder to cry on for someone close to you that is going through a dilemma.
  64. Support someone who is going through a loss, whether they’re experiencing a financial loss, a death of a loved one, or illness. Bring them soothing treats like a lavender candles, teas, and offer them support in any way possible.
  65. Be respectful of your neighbors, whether this be in condo, apartment, dorm, or house settings.
  66. Seek help and support if you suffer from a mental illness, never be ashamed of it!
  67. Pay for the person’s order that’s behind you in a drive-through.
  68. Make a cup of tea for your spouse and give them a massage after they’ve had a bad day.
  69. Take care of the land you live on.
  70. Be kind to custodial staff and say thank you.
  71. Leave positive feedback on Google Reviews for small, locally owned businesses.
  72. When you visit your parents or relatives, offer to do one household chore for them from start to finish.
  73. Print a myriad of positive qoutes, cut them out, and leave them in random places for others to find.
  74. Leave a 5$ bill on top of a vending machine for the next person.
  75. Take a coworker out to lunch when they’re having a tough day.
  76. Be sincere during gift giving and try to always give gifts that the other person will really use, not just an item you’re regifting from another occasion that you couldn’t use.
  77. Offer to take care of a neighbors pet when they’re away at no cost.
  78. Randomly text message your sibling a “I love you and hope you have a wonderful day today” note!
  79. If you notice someone at a social gathering in need of a friendship, start a conversation with them and try to include them in your group.
  80. It doesn’t matter how old you are, birthday wishes always bring a sense of joy. Remember your close loved ones birthdays on your calendar apps and make sure to wish them or send them a hand written card.
  81. Write someone a thank you card if they’ve helped you in any way big or small.
  82. Don’t say hurtful things about other people behind their backs.
  83. Never judge someone based on what you think has happened or what you think you’ve seen. Always choose communication over assumption.
  84. Choose love over hate.
  85. Respect everyone’s kookiness and uniqueness.
  86. Accept and invite all cultural backgrounds and be willing to learn from them.
  87. Learn another language proficiently in your lifetime.
  88. Clean your home with green products.
  89. Choose makeup that doesn’t support animal cruelty.
  90. Never pretend to be happy in friendships that don’t align with you. Not only are you wasting your time, youre deceiving the other person.
  91. Bring new neighbors fresh baked brownies.
  92. Be a genuine friend.
  93. Be sincerely happy for others when they succeed and opt out of jealousy.
  94. Buy special foods for those with food sensitivities, i.e surprise a coworker with a box of gluten free pasta if they have Celiac disease or soy free desserts if they have soy allergies
  95. Never deceive a woman’s heart.
  96. Be a kind role model in your family. Set an example for those younger than you.
  97. Light a soothing candle for yourself and take a hot shower with relaxing music.
  98. Plant your own garden and grow your own vegetables.
  99. Resist the temptation to strike rudeness and anger with rudeness and anger. Choose calmness whenever possible.
  100. Accept that not everyone’s heart will match up to yours, and still choose to kill em’ with kindness anyways.
  101. Adopt pets whenever possible instead of buying. Thousands of shelters world-wide have pets aching for love and a good home (many coming out of abused homes).

Yes, this is a huge list! This is not meant to overwhelm you but instead, offer a variety of ways you can give back starting today no matter what income, age, or background you come from. See if you can even choose 5 from this list and commit to doing them over the course of one month! You will feel so much bliss knowing you are contributing to the world in a small positive ways.

Comment below and tell me which numbers you have completed already or hope to complete soon! Blessings!



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