31 Telltale Signs You’re a Design Addict

You’re fanatical about quirky ceramic pineapples, plush cotton throws, and faux topiary. You can spot the difference between ivory and white with just a glance and you understand the terms satin nickel versus chrome. You’re also addicted to HGTV’s fixer upper. 

You have a problem and that’s okay. There are many other people out there like you. So here it goes, the 31 telltale signs you’re a design addict: 

  1. Anytime you walk into anyone else’s space, your mind automatically drifts to how the frames could be arranged more cohesively or how a hint of yellow could brighten the space, i.e. you’re always visualizing small remodels in your mind (and wishing you could do them yourself).
  2. You know that T.J. Maxx, Homegoods, and Hobby Lobby are the holy grail of interior decorating on a budget.
  3. You’re constantly thinking of ways to improve your own spaces, whether this be new furniture, lamps, or painting the walls a different color.
  4. You’re never quite satisfied with the way your own home looks and quite frequently working on projects or ideas to beautify it just a bit more than it already is.
  5. You have magazine subscriptions to some of the best home design brands out there, i.e. Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, William & Sonoma, or Home Gardens.
  6. When you go to any store, even if it’s Walmart or Dollar Tree, you somehow always manage to end up in any aisle that resembles any type of home decor, even if you’re not planning on buying anything.
  7. You study home design magazines like textbooks, constantly circling ideas you love and want to eventually use one day in your space or someone else’s.
  8. You’ve subscribed to YouTube home design gurus probably more times than needed.
  9. Your mind enters pure bliss when anyone, including friends and family ask you for advice on home design. 
  10. You have to try hard to SHUT your mouth when you see a space designed horribly wrong because the inner you wants to say “Well, some improvements could be made, including…”
  11. Your Pinterest account has 100+ pins on home design and you’re constantly adding more whenever you can.
  12. You “oohh” and “ahh” at Pottery Barn made beds and wish that yours could like that at home, i.e. perfect throw pillows, zero-wrinkled sheets, and beautifully arranged colors. Soon however, you realize that real life beds really can’t look like that, ever, because real people actually sleep in their beds, pets and kids snuggle in them, and really, who has time to iron their sheets? Regardless of knowing these truths, not having a nice bed bothers you and you still try to get it as close to perfect as possible, making your bed every morning not because it’s a chore, but because you actually enjoy looking at it multiple times a day. Obsessed a little? Maybe? Who cares?
  13. Buying baskets is NEVER a bad idea. Sturdy, awesome, clutter-free and fetching storage anyone?
  14. You understand the significance of decorative towels and quite frankly, get a little pissed when someone uses them.
  15. Your dream is to help others design their spaces and make them functional and this is probably one of the things that make you the most happy.
  16. HGTV always wins, always.
  17. A day of fun for you constitutes as window-shopping at any home decor store in your vicinity.
  18. Finding the perfect item for your home at the right price makes you so cheerful, you probably almost pee your pants in stores.
  19. If you won the lottery, one of the first things you’d probably thinking about spending on is… interior designing every part of your home that was otherwise left undone due to money constraints or time.
  20. You secretly wish you could design people’s spaces for a living and in addition, could write 100 articles a month about home design if other people cared enough to read them as much as you would.
  21. Buying real flowers for your home is NEVER considered a waste of money in your book.
  22. You are more than happy to throw out or replace ugly items in your home, i.e. sometimes looks triumph functionality (as irrational as this may seem to others, you don’t care.)
  23. Plastic hampers bother you, they just do. You always opt in for natural weaved baskets instead.
  24. You are unwilling to keep hideous items in your home at the expense of your partner, i.e. ugly black leather chairs anyone?
  25. If you’re on a budget, you would probably eat noodles for a whole week just so you can afford that cute side table for your bedroom, i.e. you’ll spend most of your spare cash on home decor even if that means opting out of buying new clothes and maybe even skipping out on an oil change!
  26. You started designing your spaces at a very young age because the myriad of colors, patterns, and fabrics have always enlivened you!
  27. You purposely buy good-looking stationary so it resembles eye candy sitting on your desk.
  28. You fix up your spaces constantly, tidying up and rearranging, even if no one is coming over to see them. This doesn’t matter to you, because the amazing euphoria you feel walking into your home with fluffed up throw pillows on your sofa compares to no other.
  29. You hate carpets and hardwood floors are your sanctuary.
  30. You take care of your home’s inside and outsides, so your home entrance, guest bathrooms, and landscaping are all in tip-top shape.
  31. You use design as a creative outlet to express who you are, what you like, and what makes you feel good inside.

So, are you a design addict?

5 thoughts on “31 Telltale Signs You’re a Design Addict

    1. lol! Loved your response! A few still quantifies you as a design addict! I’m probably at the extreme end of it all. 🙂 Which spaces are you designing? Keep me posted! I really enjoy seeing others spaces come along and if you need any tips, feel free to message me anytime! Good luck with your spaces, don’t forget before and after photos! It will make you feel great looking back!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. sure thing…thanks oodles… I have to decide first… can’t make up my mind between floating shelves or free standing entertainment center… already have my accent wall… burnt orangeeee… its gorgeous…!


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