How to Change Your Life in One Day

We’re all searching for something, whether this be…

Success, job security, a loving relationship, mental clarity, financial abundance, an all-inclusive Hawaii vacation, work promotions, ‘backpacking through Europe’ type experiences, pets, systematic ways to improve our lives, unsystematic ways to improve our lives, sunsets, great health, maybe a house in The Hamptons, a nice car that gets us from point A to point B or for many of us, just some energy and power to get through another work day.

All of these searches may become overwhelming journeys for us, because we as humans start engaging in our mental chatter, i.e. “how can we (flaws and all) possibly start manifesting our dreams when we’re limited by kids, work, money, health issues, and uh, reality?”

Well, If there’s anything I’ve learned from my small, yet struggle-filled journey of rescuing myself out of a big dark black hole filled with toxic people, forced career choices, physical clutter, and even ugly furniture is that…

your mindset determines everything and I mean everything in your life.

Take me for example: I was at a job that I dreaded and couldn’t grow in. I almost packed up all of my things to fly to a different country and attend medical school when I didn’t truly want to be a doctor. I constantly befriended people who treated me poorly. I even allowed toxic family members to deflate my inner confidence over and over again. I was also emotionally eating all the time and exhausted from being at job that drained me. The only other parts of my life I actually looked forward to were my 13 hour Netflix marathons. Now, you could be thinking two things here, that A) wow Shivani, your life sucks and I’m happy I’m not in your shoes or B) this is actually very similar to what I’m going through now! Either way, I was just a big fat pink pig drowning in layers of smelly mud, so obviously, I had to make some REAL changes asap. Honestly, I didn’t want to be 45 in a job I hated, have habits and clutter in my life that increased my overall stress, and spend the only free time I did have with people who pretended to like me. 

Almost one year later, I can now truly say how grateful I am to have been taught a new mantra which supports my well-being and reminds me that life is a beautiful place where dreams really can come true. As noted by the famous teachings of The Secret and Abraham (Esther) Hicks,

“Your life and everyone else in the Universe is playing the part that you have assigned to them. You can literally script any life that you desire, and the Universe will deliver to you the people, places, and events just as you decide them to be. For you are the creator of your own experience- you have only to decide it and allow it to be.” -Esther Hicks

This opened my eyes to how we as humans are unconsciously trained by our friends, families, society, and social media to aim for this ideal life filled with these amazing things, even if those amazing things are not necessarily what we want inside (but convince ourselves that they are). To clarify, are our dreams really ours or have they been created by our loved ones for us? Are we in a job that our managers thought would be a good fit for us, instead of searching for careers that we sincerely want to be in? Are we living in a state because we don’t know how to move to the one that has our dream potential? Lastly, do we fear rejection and consequently push away opportunities that would otherwise be good for us?

So how do you go about changing your mindset, taking real actions towards the things you want (and actually receiving them), all while saying NO to putting up with the crappy people, places, and circumstances you’re in?

There is one powerful and organized way to do all of those things and more- it’s called a vision board.

Now, before you stop reading and say vision boards are just a bucket full of poop, just hear me out for a second because I used to think the same thing until my life changed.


My Vision Board.


[A] Quickly, let’s brief through what they are first:

  1. VBs are literal boards where you post your aspirations and dreams. This can be in the form of cut outs of inspirational magazine posts, personal photos, or items from places you want to travel to or have already traveled in that make you feel great! Essentially, your VB can consist of anything that makes you feel excited, joyful, and reassures you that you are an exceptionally amazing human being who is worthy of all good things. 🙂
  2. VBs are personable and can be changed at anytime based on how you’re feeling, i.e. if there is a new dream that comes to mind, add it to your VB! Vice versa, if there is something on the board that no longer resonates with you, take it off!
  3. VBs are designed for anyone and everyone who wants a simple, creative, affordable, and easy way to organize their dreams instantly. Since they are literal boards that require a degree of visualization, this method works very well for visual learners. However, VBs can also positively serve just about any personality type’s higher self, because it’s just a board full of your personalized goodness.
  4. A VB’s main job is to inspire and empower you, but most of all, help you FEEL GOOD.

Before I was taught this method, my dreams and aspirations were ALL over the place both figuratively and literally speaking. One day I wanted to be a writer, another day I wanted to be a YouTube star and sometimes, I wanted to be a neuroscientist. That’s pretty all over the place, right?

Now, not only can not having your dreams and aspirations disorganized create chaos in your mind, it also sucks all the power out of them because now they’ve morphed into these confusing, stressing, and driving you in all sorts of bad and wrong direction black bouncy balls. And for obvious reasons, wouldn’t you want your dreams to be powerful ones (so that they have a more definitive chance of coming true)?

[B] Steps to create one:

1. Spend 1-2 hours alone with some relaxing music, maybe a candle, and just pause with your mind for a bit. Ask yourself, what do you want from your life and let go of any perceived limitations, external influences, or barriers in your mind. For example, do you want to travel to Italy but don’t have the money? Put Italy on there anyways!

2. Take scissors and star cutting out anything you feel would encompass your ideal life, not the life of what others expect of you or have planned for you. Take a look at my VB for some ideas on how to get started in the header image above. Buy any supplies that you can deck your VB with like pins, craft paper, quotations, and colors. For example, indigo is my favorite color so I used this colored craft paper as my background. I also like helping others, have dreams of taking care of elephants at a Thailand sanctuary, want to cure my anxiety one day, and be in great physical shape, so those are the reasons why you see those images on my VB. Find what works for you!

*Quick Tip* Try to get a magnetic white board for your vision board and attach craft paper as the background. Now, you can use small magnets which allows for easy changeability and movement. If you use glue, it’s harder to switch items around the VB.

3. You’re not done yet! The true magic comes in through tiny efforts every day. What I mean by this is that visiting your VB daily and completing short visualization exercises with the images and cutouts you have placed on your board can be a powerful tool for your mind, body, and soul! It can serve as a positive reminder of where you want to be in your life and also what you are grateful for currently, i.e. again, everything that makes you feel good inside.

4. Key reminders to note:

  • Since this is something you will be looking at every day, try to make sure it’s a board filled with things that make you feel amazing and also place it in a section of your home that you will have daily access to. My VB is in my office, because this is where I spend the most time so I look at it every day, even sometimes unconsciously.
  • Leave some open space for new ideas that come to you throughout the year.
  • Refresh it when it feels right to you, maybe annually or every 6 months. Again, whatever feels right to you.

[C] Don’t aim for perfection and remember, it’s still a journey.

I would be a fool to sit here and tell you that I have everything figured out, because I don’t. I still need to lose weight, become healthier, have more financial abundance so that I can travel to Positano, Italy (while being a student on loans), continue learning how to be a better daughter and friend, slowly let go of my insecurities and cure my anxiety (woah! that’s a lot!). I can tell you however, that slowly but surely, there have already been countless ideas and things on my VB that have come true. I will also tell you that my VB has inspired me to continue to grow as a person and live a kooky, beautiful, and unique life that’s true to me! It has put me on the right path and allowed me to organize my mind, life, and soul in ways I couldn’t have before. I am now sincerely grateful to have left behind my old, totally wrong, confused, and depressed path. And trust me when I say, being on the right path is better than being on no path at all (or being on a horrible one).

It also opens up opportunities for you that you wouldn’t and couldn’t have imagined existed before, because now you have a touchable, real-life, physical, visual board that becomes your aid!

Take me for example again (just a couple quick tidbits): I’m now focusing on my writing career and no longer hiding behind the Indian stigma that being a doctor or engineer is the only righteous and successful path to take. I’m also even halfway through writing my first book! I’ve interior decorated almost 90% of my home. I got accepted into Johns Hopkins. I have nicer and more loving people in my life. I actually have time to paint and garden, and have more positive energy on a daily basis. 🙂

Though, I still have problems just like any other human being out there, I am much happier than I was a year ago and truly excited to keep learning the art of living. I also have received a lot of guidance from my loved ones and life coach Elyse who is a a kind and inspirational person. If you need help, ask for it! Sometimes self-help books, brainstorming with friends and family, attending inspirational conferences or yoga retreats and getting in touch with a life coach can help bring you clarity on what you really want out of your life. And we all know, the more clarity in our lives, the less clutter, and organization can always lead to more abundance, fulfillment, and happiness. So what are you waiting for? Create your VB today!

Elyse’s information can be found here.

Cheers to a happier, more powerful you (starting today)!



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    1. Hi Siddhartha! Thanks so much for reading my post and your positive feedback! I agree with you 100% that it is our love for writing that will prevail! Followers will come over time and consistent posting, so I have full faith in us haha! Tons of gl for your continued success too!!

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