How to Create a Fun & Productive Home Office

Your desk is probably one of the hot spots of your home. It allows you to complete a range of tasks like career to-dos, daily life planning, bill payments, homework, crafts, research, writing, and maybe even a bit of art.

That’s a lot for one space! So, naturally, it’s important that this space of your home be loved, treated well, and kept organized for effective and optimal productivity.

I keep my desk as minimalistic as possible, because a cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind, which yields to a decrease in your work rate. How do I keep my desk clear of clutter and organized? -The following 3 superchargers:

[1] Clear the junk files.

A | Organize & clean up those files.

  • Delete the files and documents you no longer need! Not only does storing old files take up useful space on your hardrive, it also creates confusion when searching for the documents you actually do need.
  • Label and date each folder, which will dramatically decreases the time you spend hunting for that important letter or photo, easing the tension of searching for it in the first place.
  • Organize documents by type and category. This allows easy access!

B | Back up please!

  • Choose a backup device or system that works for you so you can lower your stress about your documents missing or getting deleted due to a technology glitch!
  • I use Google Drive, a perfect way to store documents, because not only is it electronic, but you you don’t have to worry about lugging around a physical flash drive. You can access it anywhere world-wide with a touch of a button and it has app accessibility on iPhones as well. Keep in mind Google Drive is converting to Drive File Stream. This app has the same concept with some updated features so I’ll be updating soon.

C | Unload your desktop screens.

  • Let’s not do this:

  • No, no, no! How in any way will this maximize your productivity? Just looking at this makes me stressed! Keep in mind your desktop is your home screen, it’s where all of your digital engagements begin!
  • Do this: Keep this place serene by only housing applications and files you use on a daily basis. The others can go into subset folders. Be sure to also choose a background that makes you feel at ease, because believe it or not, a positive visual in your background can increase a positive mindset. I change mine throughout the seasons, right now, I have a simple fall background with autumn leaves.

[2] Keep it simple.

I only have two plants, one desktop with its attached speakers on the side, one cup that houses the obvious tools needed like scissors, pens, and pencils, and one lamp. I keep my daily planner laying flat on the end, another small notepad to quickly jot down ideas or important items, and one coaster for when I drink tea to protect my wood! That’s it. People have a tendency to add various things to their desk, when it’s not needed.

Key Reminders:

  • Take a look at what you use and what you do not.
  • Opt out of the habit of keeping overloads of stationary by asking these questions:
  • What do I really use (take one month to mentally note the items you use and do not)?
  • For example, believe it or not, I actually donated my stapler and hole puncher. Why? I never used them, not even once in one year! Everything in my household was electronic, so the need for them was absent. This may not be the case for everyone. I may also in the future one day, for example, when I have a family with children who bring home paperwork, need these items again, but I can always reassess later. For now, I only keep two pens and pencils at my desk at a time. When they are finished, I buy more. Like I mentioned above, all of my paperwork is electronic, so I do not need the extra gizmos like paperclips, hole punchers, or binders.
  • Can I donate any extras? Have five scissors? Do you really need all five? Gather all your extra school or office supplies and donate to a under-served school in your area. The extras that you’re holding on to could be the only items another child has access to for his/her education. Think about it!

    Essentially, really take a good look at what you use and keep your desk space as simple as possible. The more physical space you have on your desk, the more it allows you to work on your projects, and decreases the mental clutter you may experience when being in this space if it is jam-packed with “stuff you may need one day (excuse).”

[3] Leave the memorabilia for another space.

You don’t need five picture frames, other photos, candles, nick-knacks and a bowl of candy on your desk. It’s honestly unnecessary. I know some may disagree with me on this, but sometimes adding memorabilia or photos of family and friends can be a distraction.

Instead, try to opt in for other items that can still interior decorate your space, essentially making it aesthetically pleasing, but not turning into distractions.


  1. Plants. They add a calming, organic, and lively touch to your work-space.galina-n-200668.jpg
  2. Trendy organizers. My pencil cup for example is covered in beautiful mosaic tile. Wooden organizers add a great charm to your desk as well. Choosing stationary that is both useful and trendy, like clear acrylic staplers or decorative tape holders are perfect ideas as well.
  3. Choosing a brightly lit and sophisticated lamp. This can also add a touch of elegance to this space. Keeping scenic photos of places you would like to travel can also be a positive reminder of why it’s beneficial to keep your finances, to-dos, and work habits healthy.
  4. Try to keep a color scheme going. This may sound a bit nit picky, but it really does work! Choose colors that bring you joy and use that color scheme on your desk and correlate it with whichever room your office is located in it. For example, green gives me a sense of peace and promotes calmness. My pencil cup is also made up of natural stones and yellow colors. The overall scheme of my office is also green and yellow. Hope these tips helped you!  Comment below if you have tried any of them! 

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    1. Hi Vivek, I would look up YouTube tutorials if you can. Also, step two, try to find templates that are free on WordPress. You can also buy templates and there are search forums on each template for help about specific questions regarding that theme. Does that help?

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