3 Instant Ways to Make Your Home Fall Cozy

Oh Fall. Falling leaves. Cozy knit ivory cable throws. Bulky cotton sweaters, pumpkin spice candles, warm apple desserts, scenic driving views, and family gatherings.

And so, during these holiday seasons, it’s a nice touch to color scheme and ornament our spaces accordingly while saving money and staying clutter-free.

So, here are 3 easy decor tricks that everyone with any budget can invest in: 

1 | Real Pumpkins

  • Only cost 7$ at your local  grocery store.
  • Can last up to 8 weeks.


  • They’re aesthetically pleasing to look at.
  • Have indoor and outdoor use.
  • Require 0 maintenance.
  • Adds an organic touch to your home while opting out of faux, plastic decor.
  • Post pumpkin use, you can trash it without having to store it year round=0 clutter!

2 | Candles & Warm Lighting


  • Cost-effective ways to add coziness and ambiance.
  • Add invigorating and relaxing scents/ aromas for the mind and body.
  • No storage required: can be placed all year round=0 clutter!


  • Stay healthy: use soy, lead-free wicked, and essential oil based candles. Opt out of chemical commercial candles. There are natural alternatives! Example: AIRA Soy candles.
  • Faux candles: flameless alternatives with timers that automatically light up at the same time every day and only require a handful of batteries (which last almost 2 months). Buying rechargeable batteries also helps delete this cost!
  • Outdoors: try solar-powered lanterns. Lanterns are perfect decor for all seasons, require 0 electricity, and are safety promoters (can light your entry way or porch). I found my 5$ solar lanterns at Family Dollar! They light up on timer at night and use the sun’s energy to charge up in the day.

What else?

  • Faux candle reminder: outdoor versus indoor ones. Outdoor ones are plastic (since wax shells would melt). Indoor ones are coated with wax resins so they look real.
  • Say no to florescent lighting because it decreases ambiance!

3 | Linens & Throw Pillows

Textiles are an easy way to update any space on a budget.

  • Decorative towels: can match any holiday or season for $5 or less.
  • Throws/blankets: cozy additions and add style.
  • TJMaxx and HomeGoods: offer a variety of colors, fabrics, warmth levels for cheap!
  • Throw pillows: home-decor essentials! I usually keep the same lumbar (16×26) throw pillow from PB shown below all year round and alternate covers per season.


  • Throws can’t add clutter to your home, because they really household essentials.
  • Throws and throw pillows are functional + decorative!
  • Leave your throw placed on your sofa and another nestled up in a weaved basket for guests on the side.

I hope these tips helped you get ready for fall! Share your ideas below too!

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