Top 3 Foolproof Ways to ‘Fall Cozy’ Your Home

Fall is absolutely my favorite season of the year.

Falling leaves. Cozy knit ivory cable throws. Bulky cotton sweaters and long warm leather boots. Pumpkin spice candles and cinnamon touched pies. Most importantly, warm apple desserts, red and orange scenic driving views and family gatherings. What more can I say?

It is also a time where we mark our calendars for upcoming holiday festivities. We color scheme and ornament our spaces to align with these seasons as well. And though this process can be beautiful and satisfying, it can also be very expensive and cluttering.

After years of trying to find solutions that help combat both the costliness and clutter factors of getting my home holiday ready, I’ve finally mastered a few easy tricks that are share worthy. Firstly, we all know that changing our decor multiple times in such a short duration from October-January can be stressful! From October spookiness, November thanks, pine cone filled holiday wreaths, and sparkling new year traditions, it’s important that we budget our money and time with these to-dos.

This article will therefore share 3 easy decor tricks that everyone with any budget can include in their homes to get ready for fall.

(1) Pumpkins. Real ones.

This is my absolute number one go to item during the fall season. You can buy a large pumpkin for about 7$ at your local  grocery store or go pumpkin picking. If the pumpkin was free of disease and healthy at the time of purchase, without any other maintenance, you can keep your pumpkin in very good shape for almost 8 weeks.

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to look at, pumpkins can be kept indoors or outdoors and again, require zero maintenance, lasting up to 8 weeks!

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You can also use it as a fun activity to do with family or friends. Often, people will craft or chalkboard paint their pumpkins, carve them into spooky designs, or leave them whole and let their natural orangeness shine. For me, I just leave one pumpkin outside of my door along with my seasonal plants on the other side. It makes for a perfect, warm, and inviting entry way. If you have smaller spaces, i.e. apartment living (like I do), try to keep the items to a minimum so your entryway does not look cluttered.

It’s also a great way to add something organic to your home while opting out of faux, plastic decor.

Lastly, when the pumpkin’s life has come to an end, you can trash it without having to worry about storing it for another whole year. That’s zero clutter!

(2) Candles & Warm Lighting.

Candles are a cost-effective and easy way to add that touch of coziness to your home, which is what fall is essentially all about.

I always opt in for soy based candles that are lead free and poured using essential oils. Unfortunately, many candles are made with unnatural ingredients (including Yankee Candle). If you do your research online, there are many natural candles out on the market today. One of my favorites is AIRA Soy candles. They are somewhat costly for being just candles, but their organic ingredients are worth the cost to me! You can always find alternative natural candles that are less than 10$, or if “clean” candles are not a priority for you, Target also sells beautifully scented fall candles that are still soy based for 5$. That’s a steal!

Not only do candles add ambiance to your home, their invigorating scents and aromas can be soothing and relaxing to the mind and body.

I also use faux candles from Pottery Barn that have timers, lighting on at the same time every day and only requiring a handful of batteries (which last almost 2 months at a time).  Buying rechargeable batteries also helps delete the battery buying cost, so this is something to think about! These are a wonderful addition to my home, especially because they require 0 maintenance, turning on by themselves everyday. I have their timers to start during evenings when the day starts to darken. The light flickering puts me at ease and can very well de-stress me.

Outdoors as well, I always prefer using faux candles, especially solar-powered lanterns. Not only are lanterns a great decor piece for your home in all seasons, they are also cost effective, requiring zero electricity all while being very purposeful, bringing light your entry way or porch. I found my solar lanterns at Family Dollar! They were only 5$ each and light up by themselves during the night, while using the sun’s energy during the day to charge up.

Zero maintenance once again for both candle types!

Firstly, faux candles can be used in all seasons and are a one time investment. They are not something you need to “store,” because they can be placed all year round. Outdoor lanterns can stay in the same place winter-summer and look amazing year round as well! Zero clutter once again!

Secondly, when buying faux candles, make sure you read which ones are made for outdoor versus indoor use. Outdoors must come in plastic forms, since wax shells would melt. Indoor faux candles are coated with a wax resin so they look as real as possible when lit. 

Thirdly, I always stay away from florescent lighting in my home! They are too bright, resembling office buildings and often triggering emotions and memory of work and uneasiness. Warm lighting is much more subtle, especially when you pair it with beige or flax linen shades like the one shown below from Pottery Barn.

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These are my absolute favorite because warm lighting really brings a sense of coziness to your space, still allowing you to complete your tasks with ample brightness, but not giving you that office space feel. I’ve been to homes where individuals even use florescent lighting in the kitchen, that is an absolute no! Lighting in the kitchen should never be bright white.

Main takeaway: Try to opt in for warm white lights as much as possible in your home and you will create an automatic ambiance in any of your spaces.

(3) Linens & throw pillows.

Textiles are an easy way to update any space on a budget.

You can get a decorative towel to match each holiday or season for $5 or less. Throws/blankets are a cozy addition to any space, adding comfort and style to your home. I’ve recently invested in the Pottery Barn cozy cable knit throw and it’s so warm and comforting to “snuggle up to” with some hot chocolate. TJMaxx and HomeGoods are also excellent stores that offer a variety of colors, fabrics, warmth, and textures of throws. You can typically find a good quality throw for about 15$! If you want higher end throws from Pottery Barn, simply shop during their sales or use their promotions that often come between 20-30% off. Throw pillows can also be a perfect way to update your sofa or chair, another item that is typically 20$ or less. I usually keep the same lumbar (16×26) throw pillow from Pottery Barn all year round, changing only the cover to match per season.

Throws can’t add clutter to your home, because they really are household essentials ( at least I consider them to be) that you should have throughout the year. They are one of those functional pieces that serve decorative purposes as well. I usually leave my throw placed on the side of my sofa and another nestled up in a weaved basket for guests. Currently, I am redoing my living room, so I have no photos as of now. I will post soon!

I hope these tips helped you get ready for fall and please feel free to share which ideas you utilize during this beautiful season!

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