How to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

Going green is not only safer for you, your family, and pets, it is also a much better alternative for our planet.

The term “going green,” simply  means:

  1. You participate in methods that lead to more environmentally friendly decisions and lifestyles.
  2. Your direct participation can help protect the environment.
  3. You opt-in for cleaner brands that are naturally derived and biodegradable.


A healthier you. A healthier planet. Less chemicals and waste. Less harmful toxins in your body and surrounding environments.

Here are the 3 easy tricks I use to live a greener lifestyle daily on a budget:

Opt out of using chemically derived fresheners. 

  • The big secret: conventional home refreshers like Febreeze, store bought candles, and plug-in oil lamps often contain harmful chemicals.
    • For example: BHT. BHT is a neurotoxin and can also cause immunotoxicity.
    • Look out for the word “fragrance!” Harmless, right? Wrong! Fragrance is actually chemically derived and also a neurotoxin!
  • Making your own cleaning products saves money, time, and increases your indoor air quality/freshness instantly.
  • Opt in for using essential oils in your home daily, as they not only have air freshening effects, but even contain physical health benefits. See my essential oil post here.
  • Opt in for soy derived candles or my favorite:
  • Overall benefits?
    • Increase in health and mood.
    • Decrease in toxins.
    • Cleaner breathing air.

Clean your spaces using your homemade, non-toxic cleaning products.

  • Yes, you can make effective cleaning products with a few simple household ingredients like vinegar, soap,  lemon, and baking soda. Making your own cleaning products can be very cost effective and less time consuming. Check out how to make your own cleaner in my DIY vinegar cleaner post here.
  • Overall benefits?
    • Avoidance of harsh, toxic chemicals that can endanger your health.
    • Prevention of damage caused by otherwise conventional cleaners that contaminate nearby streams and wildlife once flushed down the sink. 
    • Money savings that are huge! One bottle of vinegar costs about $2.00, is multi-purposeful, and has dual cleaning powers. Never again, will I need 5 separate cleaning bottles!

Use less.

  • Wash your laundry in cold water cycles as much as possible! This reduces the amount of energy needed to heat the water for machine-wash clothes.
  • Use drying racks or hooks to save energy needed to function a dryer.
  • Take shorter showers!
  • Overall benefits?
    • Lowered household water and heating bills.
    • Huge energy savings!

water-kitchen-black-design (1).jpg

It’s simple.

Going green can easily be integrated into your current lifestyles. Try to incorporate one of the 3 tricks above starting today.

Create a positive impact for not only yourself, but the ones you love and our planet!

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