Are You an Organized Person? Find Out Now: Take This 5 Minute Quiz

Are You an Organized Person?

Take this 5 Minute Quiz Now! Be sure to notate your answers, as there is a quick analysis at the end!

  1. How do you store your receipts?

    1. In my kitchen drawer

    2. In a coupon book/binder (or in a mini accordion style file)

    3. In the back seat of my car

    4. Receipts? I can’t find them, it’s been weeks.

  2. Are you able to adhere to a schedule?

    1. Absolutely! I have a planner or electronic app that allows me to keep track of dates and times.

    2. Sometimes, but there are some instances where I’ve missed an appointment or been late to an event.

    3. Schedule? What schedule? I just go with the flow.

    4. Not really, I have a hard time organizing my time and setting goals for myself for weekly and monthly tasks.

  3. Do you always show up late to tasks/meetings/events?

    1. Never! I’m always on time, if not 10-15 minutes early.

    2. Sometimes, but it’s only because I lost the paper where I put the event/meeting date and time on.

    3. Yes, but it’s not my fault/something always comes up!

    4. I didn’t wake up on time!

  4. How would you describe your house in one word?

    1. Clean, items are typically where they should be… i.e. a cutting board will not be in the living room.

    2. Well-kept, decent.

    3. Messy, smells kinda funky.

    4. It’s too dirty, definitely have to cancel plans with my friends that were supposed to come over. I can’t have them see my place like this!

  5. If you could take one minute and visualize all your things/stuff packed into a storage area/rental, how many storage rentals would you need?

    1. 1-2

    2. Depends, If I have a large family, probably more. If it’s just me, probably 1-2.

    3. Who knows, probably 5 at least.

    4. Just thinking about how much stuff I have overwhelms me.

  6. How often do you lose your valuables?

    1. I usually keep my personal items in safe places, i.e. I keep track of my purse or wallet and do not struggle with misplacing my items. I do not lose money.

    2. Not very often, but sometimes despite best efforts/things can go missing.

    3. I struggle with this, many times I forget where I’ve placed my keys or jewelry/any valuable item.

    4. All the time, I’ve been searching for my credit card for weeks! I thought I put it in the fridge by accident when I was grabbing the ketchup.

  7. How are your stress levels on a day-to-day basis?

    1. I have normal daily stressors and manage them well. I keep lists for my day-to-day tasks.

    2. I feel a sense of stress that overwhelms me some times! There’s just to many things to do!

    3. I feel stressed quite often, it’s hard to manage my life, kids, work and personal health.

    4. I feel very stressed every day and managing my time is a major challenge for me!

  8. Do you think your an organized person?

    1. Yes, I firmly believe that I have control over my life and daily routines.

    2. Sometimes, but if I’m very busy/it’s hard to keep track of everything!

    3. Probably not.

    4. Definitely not organized, I need help as soon as possible, please! Someone!


  • If you answered 6-8 1s: You are a highly organized person. Kudos!

  • If you answered 5-8 1s + 2s: You are sometimes organized, but still need some to make some adjustments/improvements.

  • If you answered any 3’s or 4s: please try to incorporate some healthier habits in your life. Staying organized can help you feel less stressed, accomplish more, and feel a sense of relief and decrease anxiety on a daily basis!

Take five minutes now and re-assess your habits. What are some habits you can change or improve on? Take one habit at a time and spend 1 month every day trying to improve this habit. Never on time? Try to show up 15 minutes earlier to your next meeting! Having trouble locating that blue polka dot sock? Try to find a method of storage that keeps your clothes in place!

I would love to hear your feedback, any changes you’ve been making that have positively impacted your daily routines? It only takes 5 minutes every day to make a positive change!


7 thoughts on “Are You an Organized Person? Find Out Now: Take This 5 Minute Quiz

  1. if my wife didn’t make me I’d be a complete mess. cheers. at work, I’m quite responsible, in my electronics such as file keeping, desktop, or my phone I am pretty picky. Otherwise, my car is a trash can and without my wife, I would not be motivated to pick up the house very often.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s amazing that you keep your desktop and files organized! A lot of people have trouble with this so kudos to you!! My boyfriend is the messier one out of us but I have set place organizing systems so we try to work together to keep it clean. Teamwork is great!!


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