2 Junk Types Everyone Should Declutter

Sometimes junk has a way of coming into your home unintentionally. Sometimes, you aren’t even aware that some of the items in your home should be decluttered. I’m here to tell you that there are 2 items EVERY household has, that can be eliminated immediately.

1. Old Magazines & Newspapers

We’ve all been there, you know, holding on to a 2011 publication of some sort because there was an article or photo you were eventually going to get back to but never did.

Magazines and newspapers have a way to pile up very quickly, because although some of you may have certain subscriptions, there are also many free magazines that come in the mail from stores. My two are Pottery Barn and J.Crew. These are my very favorite stores and I look forward to receiving these magazines, but I DO NOT keep them indefinitely. There are just 3 guidelines to look out for:

Allow yourself to keep magazines that hold value to you.

    1. If the magazine has useful articles or tips that you’ll be using for a long time, great! Keep it! However, if there’s only 1-2 an articles/photos you want to save… you don’t ‘have to keep the entire magazine. You can just cut that certain page and save it in a designated binder/folder.

Be sure to let go of magazines that you’ve already extracted the value from.

Read the magazine front to back? Or, finished reading the only articles you enjoyed? Declutter it! It’s no longer valuable to you.

Discard old magazines that contain expired information and/or out of date ideas/tips/trends.

  • For me, I will trash pottery barn magazines every few months. Many times, the seasons change and the decor needs to be updated. I don’t feel keeping a Pottery Barn christmas catalog from 2011 will be beneficial, because A) many of those items may not be in stores now and B) there are new christmas catalogs that will be published soon.
  • J.Crew & or fashion/beauty magazines. These too, I let go of after some time. Fashion and beauty are both very dynamic and trends change. I do keep 2-3 magazines as a reference/guide on how to correlate colors or outfits together. I’m a huge fan of this store, so this makes sense for me!
  • Scientific and or informational magazines may contain statistics that are out of date. A statistic calculated in 2010 may not be viable today. Be mindful of this!



Overall, every 2 months, I will look through my magazines and trash the ones I will never pick up or read again. I call this my “Magazine Scanning Time.”

This allows space for new magazines to come in and keeps a constant flow of the whole “letting go of the old/bringing in the new” philosophy. I will only take 10 minutes to do this. Usually, on average, I only keep about 5-6 magazines in my house at any given moment. Again, if you’re someone who has a lot of value for magazines, try cutting only the articles or photos you really need and creating a separate binder and/or folder for this. Re-evaulate the binder 1/year and determine if any articles or photos in that binder no longer hold value to you.

2. Unnecessary Business/Member Cards

Not much to say about this one, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Just don’t keep the business card of a moving company you used when you lived in Arizona and now you live in California. It just doesn’t make sense. This is simple: ditch the business cards you don’t use and store the ones you do need in an organized fashion.

Now, I know, with today’s technology being quite mainstream, many people just store photos of business cards on their phone and better yet, just use a google search to find a company/individual’s contact information.

I however, grew up in the 90’s so I’m still a bit “old fashioned.” I like to have some business cards on hand and still keep paper receipts. I am very mindful of which business cards I keep however. Just to name 2 important ones, I keep my pet kitten Arjun’s veterinarian facility business card and my hair dresser’s card. Having them as a resource/point of reference just works for me.

Sit down and take 15 minutes to scan through all those business cards that have some how creeped their way into your night stands, wallets/purses, kitchen drawers and or pant pockets. 

Which ones will you realistically use? Which ones did you just accidentally pick up at a fair, business meeting and or carnival?

Can some of them be decluttered? Also, please don’t forget to RECYCLE whenever possible!

For member cards, like the ones you use for grocery stores, can any of them be thrown away? For me, I stopped shopping at CVS Pharmacy, because I usually pick up my items from a grocery store. I discarded the CVS Pharmacy member card. Plus a lot of these places have store cards you can use just in case, one day, you happen to have no choice and be in that particular store. Just another idea to consider!

If you were able to successfully optimize this method and trash some old magazines and/or cards… and feel extremely relieved and a bit proud of yourself, I want to hear about it!

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