DIY All-Purpose Lavender Vinegar Cleaner

Yes, you don’t need 10 different cleaning products in your home. ONE can be just as effective & smell much better than lysol.

I use this product for everything. I use it on my granite counter tops and inside my toilets. I use it to clean my iPhone screens, bathroom mirrors, and coffee table. Just about any item you can think of, I can clean with vinegar.


(1) You don’t need 10 separate cleaners!

Before I discovered this tip, I was one of THOSE people. You know, those people that have a separate cleaner for every household task? I used to have a Clorox cleaner for the bathroom, a separate Windex cleaner for glass, an all-purpose cleaner for the kitchen, and a hardwood/tile solution for cleaning my floors. Agh, just writing that list was tiring! Let me briefly explain to you why I absolutely hated those commercial cleaners:

  1. It was costing me a lot of money, money that I would rather spend on a good bottle of wine or even a nice blouse for work.
  2. It was taking up space unnecessarily, I mean literally 1/2 of my bathroom sink cabinet was filled with cleaning products.
  3. These branded products smelled horrible.
  4. If inhaled, many of these products contained health hazards. Hello clorox bleach?
  5. They were not safe to use around children or pets.
  6. A rinse would often be recommended on the cleaning bottle itself, like clorox wipes… where it directly states on the back/if using on surfaces that counteract with food, please rinse surfaces prior. Now these are not the exact words/but a quick summary.
  7. When I would use them, I was always worried that the chemical/solution would get in my eyes or spill on my skin. This would make a not-so-enjoyable task of cleaning a toilet, even more frustrating, because now I felt stressed when I was cleaning.

If the points notated above are still not enough to convince you, well my friend, here are some more benefits of my alternative cleaner listed below:

(2) Vinegar is CHEAP. I can buy a large bottle of white distilled vinegar at Walmart for about 2.00$.

This is even more wonderful, because most vinegar cleaner recipes/solutions require a dilution. So, my fellow readers, that 1 large bottle of vinegar will last you twice, if not three times as longer, because you’ll only need a portion per dilution.

(3) Vinegar with lavender oil smells much better than Clorox or Lysol.

Plus, the great news about this is that the smell of vinegar can be changed to anything because there are hundreds of essential oil options available! But, you can never change the smell of Windex folks.

I use real lavender essential oil droplets in my vinegar solution, which gives every item this solution cleans, a pleasant, floral and amazing smell. Please click my post labeled “Beginners Guide: Using Aromatic Essential Oils In Your Home” for more information!

(4) Vinegar actually kill germs and prevents mold.

Use this vinegar cleaner for your bathroom and kitchen, just 1 bottle you can carry around the house on cleaning day! What a relief! And yes, it’s true… vinegar does kill germs and prevents mold. It also can be used to clean existing mold.

(5) Vinegar is biodegradable.

Help your environment and planet by opting out of harsh, chemical cleaners!

(6) Vinegar cleans glass and mirrors streak-free.

Now, that you’re convinced just how wonderful vinegar is… let’s talk about how to finally make this solution! It’s very easy:

1/2 water

1/2 white distilled vinegar (there are other types of vinegar too, please use white distilled vinegar only for cleaning!)

20 drops of your preferred essential oil (Lavender is my #1 FAVORITE)

A  spray bottle, preferably clear and labeled. Please see the photo above (near the title) for the one that I use:

  • Your choice of glass or plastic, try to search on Amazon! If you have pets and children, opt in for plastic. I use a glass spray bottle in my home now, but glass can be more of a safety hazard.
  • Make sure to use a bottle that is not too big or heavy. Your hands will hurt (as silly as this sounds), if you have to lug around a heavy bottle! You want a bottle that is comfortable to use and feels light on your hands. Make sure the spray nozzle functions well, this is important for spraying/covering large areas.


Add all ingredients into spray bottle & shake! You’re done! Tell me how your experience has been cleaning with vinegar and which essential oil you chose to add! Post your comments below. 

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