Beginner’s Guide: Using Aromatic Essential Oils In Your Home

What Are Essential Oils, Anyways?

Essential oils are natural oils that are derived directly from the source.

A cinnamon essential oil for example, is derived directly from the spice cinnamon. A lavender essential oil is derived directly from the lavender plant/flower. Essential oils are obtained via a process called distillation and are derived from the source where they are extracted from. There are thousands of essential oils and each have a distinctive natural fragrance.


Here’s why I love using essential oils:

1. There are many varieties of essential oils, ranging from lemon peels, flowers and even pine tree scents, making the possibilities endless.

Especially if you do some research online, you can learn how to blend essential oils to create your own distinctive scents. For example, during the holidays, I combine pine tree oils with cinnamon.

Click here to learn more about the types of essential oils available, their uses, how to use them (essential oils require dilutions), and the benefits of each.

2. Essential oils are nature’s gifts to us.

Natural, calming, and soothing, essential oils must come from  a reliable source to really work their “magic.” The site I’ve notated above contains the brand of essential oils I use. I use them in my home in place of candles, because their smells are not only invigorating, but also much better for your health. Keep in mind: some essential oils you will find in stores like Walmart may not be authentic and instead are made from fragrance. Know the difference. Research where to find authentic essential oils near you. This step is very important!

3. Essential oils promote positive moods and rest. 

Lavender for example, has a calming and soothing affect. I personally tend to be a anxiety/stress prone person, so this is why I use lavender not only in my cleaning products, but I sprinkle the oils on my carpet, mix them in my hand soaps, use them in my baths and in my favorite essential oil diffuser.

4. There are many health benefits of essential oils.

This includes the ability to heal joint pain, decrease anxiety, and help with headaches. Please check the Aura Cacia website for more information! Additionally, you can find other brands of essential oils as well, just make sure they say 100% pure and are not made from fragrance!


I use essential oil diffusers throughout my home. Search for one that could be a good fit for you in Amazon’s selection!


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