3 Savvy Ways to Stay Organized Always

Organization doesn’t always equal a huge, expensive Container Store project. Sometimes, it’s just about getting your life in order with 3 essential tips that will prevent disorganization from forming in the first place.

Here are my 3 essential tips:

1. The one touch rule.

After you use something, whether its a bobby pin for your hair or a dish that’s dirty, put it back as soon as you can! Yes, put that dirty dish in the dishwasher. Yes, put that bobby pin back in your vanity.

This habit is perhaps one of the most simple, effective, and important habits to master, simply because it keeps disorganization from forming.

Touch an item once instead of five times as you move it around versus just putting it back initially.

Starting today, make it a rule to place everything back where it should be after you’ve used it. Come home and hang your jacket on a hook, don’t throw it on the sofa.

2. Every item should have a home. 

What does this mean? Every item belongs somewhere. For example, even my oatmeal packets have a designated spot after I go grocery shopping.

Try to build a home for each item. This will prevent items from ending up in odd and random places in your home, i.e. old birthday cards that have been sitting on the kitchen table for 2 months. Label these “homes” and this will be a great PLUS.

It will be easier to locate the home of each item if it is clearly labeled and looks nice. Baskets are usually my go-to item for keeping my spaces clean.

3. Stop collecting junk! 

Now, when I say junk… I mean that plastic yogurt container you still use to store your dry goods in.

Stop keeping all those plastic containers from foods you’ve eaten 7 months ago. Nor are these designed for re-use and contain health hazards, but they are not functional.

If you need to store your dry goods, buy airtight containers that can be used for years to come whether those be glass or plastic/based on your preference.

You DON’T need to buy fancy containers from the Container store either (that store in my opinion is WAY to expensive, especially because you can easily find very similar items in home goods or Michaels that cost 50% less).

Mason jars are my favorite to use because they are A) cheap and B) glass.

They also provide an excellent air tight seal. As well as being functional, they look absolutely beautiful and create a clean look (whether they’re placed side by side on a counter or organized in a pantry).

I’m not a huge fan of plastic, so for me, these are the perfect alternative.


Stop picking up junk from fairs! Whether this be a school fair for your young children, a career fair you went to 5 years ago OR booths at the mall giving away free grocery bags with their company logo on them.

This is the biggest pattern I saw when it came to analyzing what type of junk I had in my home and where it came from. I had company logo pens from a place I visited when I was 18 years old.

Is that really necessary?

Donate the 10 extra pens, keep 2 good ones or 3 maximum.

Remember: cleanliness and organization go hand in hand. It’s hard to have one without the other. When your space is organized it will remain clean and when it is clean, it will be visibly pleasing to look at.

Start trying these 3 habits today for just 7 days.

Do you notice any changes in your daily house keeping or organization?

Post below, tell me how these habits have been working for you!

Or, have you been trying other habits to help you save time and stay organized? Share them below!

5 thoughts on “3 Savvy Ways to Stay Organized Always

  1. Hi. I saw your link on First Friday. I love the photo on your home page — such beautiful colors!

    I totally agree about how easy it is to accumulate tons of junk at fairs. Brochures and things like that are my downfall. I try to resist the temptation to bring them home .. sometimes I’m successful. 😉


    1. Hi Marjorie, thanks for your post! Yes it can be difficult, but even starting with some extra pens can be helpful. Do you have even five pens that you don’t need that can be donated? I alwyas started small and moved up to the big stuff.


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